Pregnant mothers should know how to maintain health

Having hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not unknown to most expectant mothers, because it is a common disease with a very high incidence. Many pregnant mothers suffering from hemorrhoids do not dare to take medicine, because they are afraid that the medicine will affect the fetus. , experts reminded, in fact, this is a misconception.

For pregnant mothers with severe hemorrhoids, it's best to treat them early. Now, let's take a look at the recommended tipsby experts to prevent and treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

The incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant mothers can be as high as 76%% approximately. This is because after pregnancy, as the fetus grows day by day, the increasingly enlarged uterus compressese the inferior vena cava, increasing intra-abdominal pressure, affecting the return of blood, causing the hemorrhoidal veins to become congested, dilated and curved into a mass, thus forming hemorrhoids.

At the beginning of hemorrhoids, we mainly depend on dietary conditioning, do not eat spicy foods, such as pepper, prickly ash, ginger, onion, garlic, etc., as well as fried foods, eat less indigestible things, so as to do not cause constipation, can be eatener more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, such as purslane, celery, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, lilies, and apples, bananas, peaches, pears, melons, etc.

To drink more water, it is best to drink a glass of light salt water or honey water after getting up in the morning. This prevents constipation and reduces irritation of the hemorrhoidal veins from hardened stool. In case of constipation, you can also eat more foods that contain vegetable oils, such as semsesame and walnut islands. ByTo prevent the formation of constipation, a small amount of oral or topical laxatives, such as honey, Kaisailu, etc., should not be taken to avoid premature labor.

Pregnant mothers can take walks and exercise in the morning and at night, and can elevate the pelvis 20 to 25 cm during bed rest. Avoid sitting and standing for a long time and increase your rest accordingly.

Toilet paper should be soft.e and clean, and prolapsed internal hemorrhoids should be returned in time. It is also possible to perform anal contraction exercises. Do a levator ani exercise every morning and evening for 30 times each time, which can strengthen the contraction force of the perianal tissue and help the blood circulation of the perianal tissue. Have regular bowel movements, develop good bowel habits, and do not read or read newspapers when you go to the bathroom.

Generally speaking, hemorrhagesoides can be cured after giving birth, so pregnant mothers don't need to be too nervous even if they suffer from hemorrhoids.

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