What should I do if the nt posture is wrong?

I went to the hospital for an nt examination today. The doctor said that the fetal posture was wrong and the examination could not reveal it. I want to know what to do if the nt posture is wrong?

Pregnant women are in the wrong position of the fetus during the NT examination. Pregnant women can take appropriate walks, climb stairs, or eat and drink properly to promote changes in the fetal position. If the fetal position still cannot be corrected that day, the pregnant woman can go to the hospital for NT examination in one or two days. NT examination is to measure the thickness of the translucent layer at the back of the fetal neck through B-ultrasound examination. The reference value of normal NT examination is within 3 mm. If it exceeds 3 mm, it indicates NT thickening, indicating that the fetus has a higher risk of Down syndrome. Pregnant women Further investigation should be done.

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