How many weeks pregnant women into the basin?

I am in the third trimester of pregnancy. I have always felt pain in my lower abdomen for the past two days.

Pregnant women will enter the basin between 36 weeks and 38 weeks of pregnancy. There are certain individual differences in the morning and evening of entering the basin. Pregnant women will feel that the position of the fetus has dropped, and there will be a slight pain in the fall. Whether to enter the basin and be admitted to the hospital for four-step abdominal palpation to diagnose. After the pregnant woman enters the basin, it means that the labor is approaching, and she needs to pay more attention to rest. Once the pregnant woman has vaginal redness, regular contractions, or even amniotic fluid rupture, it is a sign of labor and needs to be admitted to the hospital in time to wait for labor. Women with poor pain tolerance can undergo Painless labor.

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