What is the meaning of fetal electrocardiogram?

I went to the hospital for a pregnancy test today. The doctor told me to do a fetal electrocardiogram. I haven’t done this before. What is the significance of a fetal electrocardiogram?

Fetal electrocardiogram examination can be used to reflect the electrophysiological activity of fetal heart, and also help to understand fetal hypoxia and fetal distress in uterus. During the fetal electrocardiogram examination, if there is a waveform, it may be due to the size of the heart chamber or the enlargement and deformity of individual chambers during the development of the fetal heart. If there is a change in the FECG waveform, it may be related to the overall development and nutritional status of the fetus. If there is a change in the QRS waveform, it may be caused by intrauterine fetal ischemia or hypoxia, and it needs to be combined with other related examinations to confirm the diagnosis.

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