What are the special types of acne diseases?

Do you know the specific types of acne? Knowing this type of knowledge is very important, which is why I think many patients are not very clear about it, so let's talk about the relevant knowledge, I hope it helps you.

Added acne: the condition is severe and skin lesions include papules, pustules, blackheads, nodules, cysts, ulcers, sinus tracts, fistulas, depressed scars, etc. Widely distributed, except for the face, neck, chestand the back, upper arms, and thighs are all involved.

Necrotic acne: More common in adults, skin lesions are grouped papules, pustules, brownish-red in color, rapidly necrotic, accompanied by recurrent, bloody scabs, forming a scar network.

Childhood acne: It can develop from 3 months to 2 years, mainly papules, pustules and blackheads, most of them heal in half a year, leaving cyclesdotted lines of depression.

Premenstrual acne: Onset or aggravation before menstruation, mainly on the jaw and cheeks, with few lesions.

The above is the classification and explanation of acne diseases that we provide for you. You will gain a lot by learning the knowledge of acne diseases through the above. If you find the above types of acne diseases at home, please go to the hospital in time Consult a doctor so as not to losebe the best treatment period.

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