The best treatments for hemorrhoids today

There are many treatment methods for hemorrhoids, which can be divided into non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment. Among them, surgical treatment can be divided into traditional surgical treatment, PPH treatment, and the best treatment method for hemorrhoids at present: An's treatment.

The best treatment method for hemorrhoids at present: An therapy

An injection for treatment.ment of hemorrhoids, compared to previous similar methods, through new drug development improvements and injection methods have made qualitative advances in efficacy and safety. "Shaobei Injection" (formerly known as Anshi Huazhi Liquid), which was researched and invented, is the only state-approved Class II TCM new drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the past ten years. It's appropriatefor different degrees of internal hemorrhoids and varicose mixed hemorrhoids More than 95%, significantly higher than other injectable drugs.

In the treatment of other intractable anorectal diseases, An therapy adopts injection combined with minimally invasive surgery to treat mixed annular hemorrhoids and incarcerated hemorrhoids, anal stenosis and other problems that have affected the clinic for many years. intrarectal injectionShaobei injection plus anal ligation and tightening is used to treat rectal prolapse, which can be difficult to cure by laparotomy in 20 minutes.

Ang therapy has short operation time, minimally invasive, less bleeding, painless, short treatment, fast recovery and not easy to repeat, thus rewriting the history of anorectal medicine, and has been recognized and praised by domestic and foreign counterparts.

PPHPP therapy for coupleto Hemorrhoids

Johnson & Johnson's minimally invasive hemorrhoid (PPH) surgery, also known as stapled hemorrhoid mucosal circumcision, is based on the theory of anal cushions and it is a new method for the treatment of prolapsed annular hemorrhoids with stapler technology. PPH surgery is a circular excision of the prolapsed rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoids using a special device called a "PPH stapler".During the operation, the anus was first expanded and the rectal mucosa sutured in a circular loop about 4 cm above the dentate line (the junction of the rectum and anal canal), and then the PPH stapler was inserted into the anus. . , and the stapler was fired after ligating the suture, that is, the prolapsed mucosal band can be excised.

Main advantages of PPH: less pain, less bleeding, faster recovery, usually does not require hospitalization, speeds up the recovery cycleration and does not affect daily life. However, PPH equipment cannot be produced in China and must all be imported from the United States. So the cost of treatment is high!

Other methods of treating hemorrhoids

1. Conservative Treatment of Hemorrhoids: Internal Medicine, External Medicine, and Patch Therapy

Internal Medicine Conservative treatment of taking medicines, external medicines, and adhesive medicines can improvethe symptoms, not only the effect is slow, but also it is difficult to remove the lesions, and it is incomplete. Long-term medication is expensive and has side effects on the body.

2. Traditional surgical therapy for hemorrhoids: ligation and band ligation:

Ligation and band ligation will block blood flow to the anus, causing engorgement, edema, pain, and difficulty defecating. Wait.

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