Can paying attention to hygiene also cause cervical erosion?

Can focusing on hygiene also lead to cervical erosion? Cervical erosion is the most common manifestation of amigas. Suffering cervical erosion will affect a woman's fertility. Girl friends usually suffer from gynecological diseases because they do not pay attention to personal hygiene, so many lesbians gradually began to pay attention to personal hygiene, and some people also bought cleaning fluids specially for cleaning. But,Why does cervical erosion still occur after frequent cleaning? Many women and friends are too concerned about cleanliness, and often clean the private parts with high frequency, but still cause cervical erosion. She clarified that excessive "hygiene" can also induce cervical erosion. Excessive "pay attention to hygiene" will also induce cervical erosion.

In general, the common damages caused by cervical erosion are:

Causing complications. C.When suffering from cervical erosion, inflammation of other organs will form, such as: cervical erosion pathogens can ascend to form endometritis; they can extend through the parametrial ligaments and lymphatics to cause slow pelvic inflammatory disease; when the inflammation involves the trigone of the bladder, it can cause urinary system diseases and symptoms such as dysuria, frequent urination or difficulty urinating. Furthermore, the incidence of cancercer of the cervix in women with cervical erosion is nearly ten times that of the general population. Under the influence of long-term sluggish inflammation, columnar epithelium derived from cervical canal hyperplasia may develop atypical hyperplasia. they gradually develop in the direction of precancerous lesions of the cervix. Because erosion of the cervix is ​​often accompanied by HPV infection, it is one of the suspicious signs ofcervical cancer. This development process usually takes between 5 and 10 years. time of year. This is also a common cervical erosion damage.

It causes infertility. This is a common cervical erosion damage. The physical and chemical properties of cervical mucus have changed significantly, rich in leukocytes, and the pH value of the mucus is alkaline. When spermatozoa pass through the cervix, not only the inflammatory microenvironment of the cervix will reduce the vitality of sperm, it is difficult for viscous secretions to pass through sperm, and the toxicity of inflammatory secretions to sperm will cause excessive energy consumption of sperm. , shortening the lifespan, and Many spermatozoa are phagocytosed by inflammatory cells and damaged by bacteria and their toxins. During this period, Escherichia coli has a strong coagulation effect on spermatozoa, making the spermatozoasperm lose vitality. Also, in patients with cervical erosion, some people often have endocrine dysfunction. All of this adds to the difficulty of its conception. Therefore, cervical erosion must be actively treated to avoid infertility. Excessive cleaning. At present, there are many women's cleaning products on the market. If the selection is not correct, using a higher concentration of disinfectant to wash the vagina will not only affect the growthof the normal vaginal flora, but will also reduce the suppression effect of bacteria, and will be formed in different degrees. The cervical epithelium is damaged, ending with ulceration. Because cervical erosion and early cervical cancer are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, women should have regular physical examinations to know their physical condition in time. If you feel uncomfortable and want to know if you have an ulcer, you should first have a cerebral smear test.rvical.

We usually pay attention to keeping the vulva clean. Use birth control. Periodic gynecological exams. Insists on energy arousal, improves resistance to diseases. Cervical erosion is a slow disease, although it is a predisposing factor for cervical cancer, but it is not considered a precancerous lesion, so there is no need to worry about it. A normal and hygienic sexual life will not cause any harm to women, because the semen normal has a certain sterilization and disinfection effect, and a woman's vagina also has a self-cleaning and self-cleaning effect. If the man carefully cleans the external genitalia before each intercourse, the bacteria will not have a chance to invade the vagina. On the contrary, if you do not pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene during sexual intercourse, the bacteria will invade the vagina and have a waiting time, increasing the possibility that lwife suffers from cervical erosion.

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