How long is the cesarean belt worn?

I just had a cesarean section one day ago, and I plan to use a belly belt today. I want to ask the doctor how long to wear a cesarean section belt?

If the abdominal belt is used to promote incision healing after caesarean section, it can be used within seven days after delivery. If it is to help the recovery of the postpartum body shape, it can be used within one month to six months after the postpartum period. The specific reason for wearing the abdominal belt should be judged according to one's own needs. It is not advisable to tie the abdominal belt for 24 hours after caesarean section. It needs to be taken off when sleeping, and it is not suitable to tie the abdominal belt when eating. It can be re-tied about an hour after the meal. In order to promote the recovery of body shape after childbirth, in addition to wearing abdominal belts, postpartum rehabilitation exercises are also required. Proper exercise can also promote the recovery of the uterus.

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