How does caesarean section confinement?

My baby was delivered by caesarean section. It has been two days since the operation. My friend said that I need to confine myself now. How can I confine myself after caesarean section?

Confinement after caesarean section needs to clean and disinfect the incision first, keep the incision dry, avoid getting wet, change the wound dressing regularly, cover the incision when coughing or laughing, To avoid pulling the knife edge. Secondly, the digestive function of the parturient has not fully returned to normal in the first week after the caesarean section. Try to eat some light food that is easy to digest, such as millet porridge, pumpkin porridge, yam porridge, etc. After caesarean section, you should get out of bed early to promote the discharge of lochia in the uterine cavity and speed up the recovery of the uterus, but strenuous activities are not suitable.

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