What's the matter with tight stomach in three months of pregnancy?

I am now three months pregnant, and I always feel my stomach is a little tight and hard recently. I want to know what is the reason for the tight and hard stomach in the third month of pregnancy?

The stomach is tight and hard in the third trimester of pregnancy. It may be because as the number of days of pregnancy gradually increases, the volume of the fetus gradually increases, and the uterus gradually increases, which will affect the uterine ligaments and abdominal pain. It is a normal physiological phenomenon that the skin causes a certain stretch. However, if the pregnant woman also has symptoms such as lower abdomen pain, irregular vaginal bleeding, etc., it may be considered that a threatened miscarriage has occurred, which is mostly due to the pregnant woman being too tired, often carrying heavy objects, or being mentally stimulated, and having sex. It is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital for abdominal ultrasound examination as soon as possible to clarify the cause.

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