What should I do if there is a small pimple after a stye?

I used to have a sty on my eyes, but after it got better recently, I found that there are still small pimples. What should I do if this happens?

Small bumps after a stye can be treated with medication and surgery, and attention should be paid to daily life management.

1. Drug treatment

Patients caused by bacterial infection need to be treated with antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. Commonly used drugs include levofloxacin eye drops, erythromycin Eye ointment, cephalexin granules, etc.

2. Surgical treatment

Patients with abscess formation should undergo surgical treatment to cut the abscess and drain the pus to avoid infection.

3. Daily life management

Patients should also pay attention to eye hygiene, avoid rubbing eyes with hands, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins .

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