What tests are necessary for pregnancy?

I have been pregnant for more than a month. Recently, my sister asked me to go to the hospital for an examination. I would like to consult what examinations must be done for pregnancy?

The tests that must be done during pregnancy include thyroid function screening, liver function, kidney function, infectious disease inspection, blood routine, electrocardiogram, and five eugenic items. When a woman is about 11 to 13 weeks pregnant, she needs to undergo NT examination. The results of the examination can determine whether the fetus has Down syndrome. In addition, pregnant women also need to undergo four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, glucose tolerance test and other examinations, and according to the examination results, problems such as gestational diabetes and fetal developmental deformities are excluded. During pregnancy, women should follow the doctor's advice for prenatal checkups, and it is forbidden to cancel the checkups without authorization to prevent fetal malformations from being found.

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