What is Nst?

I have been pregnant for a while now. I went to the hospital for an examination today and found nst on the list. I don’t understand it very well. I want to know what Nst is?

Nst refers to non-stimulating fetal heart rate monitoring, which can observe changes in fetal heart rate during fetal movement, so as to understand the reserve capacity of the fetus. Reactive Nst indicates that the fetal central nervous system is well developed, about 99 More than % of the fetus is relatively safe within a week. Unresponsive Nst indicates fetal asphyxia. About 20% of fetuses have a poor prognosis, but it is not ruled out that it is caused by the use of sedatives by pregnant women or the fetus is in a sleep state. Pregnant women can extend the monitoring time or apply various method to stimulate the fetus.

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