placenta alias?

A friend of mine eats Zihe car for maintenance, but I have never heard of this name. My friend said it is placenta. I want to know what is the alias of placenta?

The aliases of placenta include Ziheche, afterbirth, afterbirth, afterbirth, and fetal membranes. The placenta is an important organ for material exchange between the fetus and the mother. membrane, decidua basalis. The amniotic membrane is the fetal structure that makes up the placenta and is the innermost layer of the placenta. The chorion foliate is the fetal part that makes up the placenta and accounts for the main structure of the gestational placenta. The decidua basalis is the maternal part that makes up the placenta. The placenta can perform functions such as material exchange, defense, synthesis, and immunity, as well as metabolism regulation and storage. The maturity of the placenta can be divided into grades 0, Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ.

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