Does taking Dingkundan have any effect on the baby if you get pregnant successfully in the same month?

I have been taking Dingkun Dan for a while, and now I am pregnant successfully. I want to know if taking Dingkun Dan will affect the baby if I successfully conceived in the same month?

Taking Dingkun Dan for the month of successful pregnancy generally has no major impact on the baby. Dingkun Dan is a Chinese patent medicine that has the effects of nourishing qi and blood, regulating menstruation and soothing depression. It is mainly used for irregular menstruation. For the treatment of diseases such as blood circulation, uterine bleeding, postpartum deficiency, and bone steaming and hot flashes, women usually do not cause major side effects to the body after taking Dingkun Dan, nor do they cause major adverse effects on the growth and development of the fetus. effect, so don't worry too much. Note that during pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for antenatal checkups regularly to understand whether the growth and development of the fetus is normal.

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