Trigeminal neuralgia is gradually targeting the young

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When people talk about trigeminal neuralgia, they can't help but change their names, because this "number one pain in the world" is severe, excruciating pain like electric shock, acupuncture, and flesh tearing, and is imminent In the eyes of ordinary people, trigeminal neuralgia seems to be only the patent of middle-aged and elderly people. The scary thing is that in recent years, the younger ageoven of trigeminal neuralgia is spreading. According to statistics, among the approximately 1.5 million trigeminal neuralgia patients in China, 40% of them are young patients every year, and these data are constantly increasing. Tens of thousands of young people are "stuck" with trigeminal neuralgia. Patients are even more confused.

Trigeminal neuralgia reportedly shows a younger trend. The prevalence of the disease in the poThe general population is one in 1,000, and the increased incidence causes more and more people to suffer excruciating pain. Experts point out that the high incidence of trigeminal neuralgia and the trend of younger people is the same as the trend of the "three peaks" (hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia) of metabolic syndrome, which are closely related to the causes of trigeminal neuralgia. . .

In addition, patients with trigemi neuralgiathey are no more likely to have high blood lipids than patients with a calm mind due to prolonged stress, mental stress, and irregular diet and life habits. It causes arteriosclerosis, so that the arteries are tortuous and elongated, thus compressing the root of the trigeminal nerve, causing trigeminal neuralgia. Also, http://sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk.myzxbrain tumor trigeminal neuralgiahttp://sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk.myzxtrigeminal neuralgiaor brain tumorhttp://sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk .myzxBrain tumorhttp:// sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk.myzxBrain tumorTrigeminal neuralgiahttp://sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk.myzxBrain tumorTrigeminal neuralgiahttp:// sjwk.myzxhttp:// sjwk.myzxBrain Tumorhttp://sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk.myzxBrain TumorTrigeminal Neuralgiahttp://sjwk.myzxhttp://sjwk.myzxBrain TumorTrigeminal Neuralgiahttp://sjwk.myzxhttp:/ /sjwk .myzxBrain tumors, sinusitis and other diseases can also causear trigeminal neuralgia.

The thing to remember here is that many young people feel that trigeminal neuralgia has nothing to do with them. According to statistics, people who often stay up all night, eat too much and go their own way are more likely to suffer from trigeminal neuralgia than ordinary people, up to 80%. so young friendsIt is particularly important to correctly understand and prevent trigeminal neuralgia.Oncethat the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia is the best strategy, it is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine.

It can be seen that the age distribution of trigeminal neuralgia is more extensive, young friends should pay attention to it, stop thinking that trigeminal neuralgia has nothing to do with themselves, but rather should do daily health care and prevention. from now on. I wish all my friends could eat and laugh.

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