How to prevent miscarriage with broken water at 21 weeks of pregnancy?

I am only 21 weeks pregnant, but my water has broken now. I would like to know what are the ways to protect my pregnancy if my water breaks at 21 weeks?

Pregnant women whose water breaks at 21 weeks of pregnancy should first lie flat immediately, which can reduce the leakage of amniotic fluid and prevent the occurrence of umbilical cord prolapse, and then immediately go to the hospital for miscarriage treatment. If pregnant women are accompanied by uterine contractions, they can use drugs that inhibit uterine contractions, such as magnesium sulfate, progesterone, etc., under the guidance of a doctor, in conjunction with drugs that promote fetal lung maturation, such as glucocorticoids. If the water breaks at a high level in a pregnant woman, some people may experience self-closing in the later stage. Pregnant women should pay attention to avoid lifting heavy objects, avoid walking, standing or sitting for a long time.

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