Will contractions affect the fetus?

I have been pregnant for a while, and I always have uterine contractions. I am worried that it will affect the development of the fetus. Will the uterine contractions affect the fetus?

Whether the uterine contraction will affect the fetus needs to be judged according to the time when it occurs and the intensity of the uterine contraction. If the uterine contractions occur after the 28th week of pregnancy, most of them are pseudocontractions, which last for a short time and will not affect the fetus in the uterus. If there are frequent painful uterine contractions, the possibility of premature delivery of the fetus is higher, which will affect the fetus. If frequent uterine contractions occur between the 12th week and the 27th week of pregnancy, late miscarriage may occur. If uterine contractions occur during pregnancy, you need to be admitted to the hospital for B-ultrasound examination to understand the development of the fetus.

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