Can I eat crayfish in early pregnancy?

I'm just pregnant, and my family bought a lot of crayfish today, but I heard that crayfish have bacteria on them, and eating them is bad for your health. I would like to ask, can I eat crayfish in the first trimester?

You can eat a small amount of crayfish in early pregnancy. Crayfish is rich in protein and can replenish the energy needed by the human body in time. However, crayfish is cold in nature, and spicy food may be added during the production process Pungent seasoning. Eating too much can easily increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, cause or aggravate nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal distension and other discomfort symptoms, and may also stimulate the uterus and increase the chance of threatened miscarriage. Clinically, it is generally recommended to focus on light and easy-to-digest foods in early pregnancy, while maintaining a stable mood and paying attention to rest.

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