How to supplement progesterone?

I just got pregnant, but I went to the hospital for a pregnancy test today. The doctor said my progesterone was a little low. I want to know how to supplement progesterone?

If you want to supplement progesterone, you can supplement progesterone under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, such as progesterone capsules, progesterone injections, etc., or you can use chorionic gonadotropin as prescribed by the doctor. Promote luteal function and stimulate progesterone secretion. If you want to supplement progesterone, you can also assist in dietary therapy. You can eat more pectin and dietary fiber-rich foods, such as kiwi, guava, pear, strawberry, etc. These foods can supplement vitamin C and vitamin E to promote progesterone. Secretion, you can also eat more soybean isoflavone foods, such as soybeans, black beans, etc.

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