What is hip pain?

Recently, I always feel hip pain, especially after a period of activities, the pain is more obvious. I would like to ask what is the pain in the lower hip?

Hip head pain may be related to hip bone trauma, hip arthritis, femoral head necrosis and other factors.

1. Hip bone trauma

For example, falling from a bicycle, hitting with a heavy object, etc., can affect the hip bone, causing local muscle tissue or bone Damage to the site, resulting in symptoms of hip bone pain.

2. Hip arthritis

Due to long-term strain, joint infection, traumatic trauma and other reasons, the hip joint and synovial bursa have an inflammatory reaction, Cause symptoms such as congestion, swelling, and then lead to hip pain.

3. Necrosis of the femoral head

Affected by hip trauma, taking a large amount of glucocorticoid drugs, drinking alcohol for a long time, etc., the blood supply of the femoral head is affected Damage or interruption, causing bone marrow components and bone cells to die, resulting in structural changes and collapse of the femoral head, resulting in hip painpain symptoms.

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