Does hcg draw blood on an empty stomach?

My menstruation has been delayed for several days this time, and I feel pregnant. I want to draw blood to check hcg. Do you want to consult the doctor for hcg blood drawing on an empty stomach?

Blood test for HCG does not require an empty stomach. HCG is secreted by the placenta and is not affected by the body's metabolism. You can eat normally on the day of the test. After pregnancy, the HCG value will be high. Generally, seven days after the fertilized egg is formed, it will implant in the endometrium, and then begin to secrete HCG. If the HCG value is higher than the normal value during the examination, it can be diagnosed as pregnancy . When she is six weeks pregnant, she needs to be admitted to the hospital for B-ultrasound examination to rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. After pregnancy, it is necessary to maintain a diversified diet and supplement folic acid tablets to prevent fetal neural tube defects.

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