Can mung beans be eaten in early pregnancy?

I often feel dry and hot after pregnancy. I heard that mung beans have the effect of clearing away heat and reducing fire. I plan to eat some to relieve discomfort. Can I eat mung beans in early pregnancy?

You can eat mung beans in early pregnancy, but you should not take too much. The nutritional value of mung beans is very high, rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which is beneficial to enhance the immunity and resistance of pregnant women, and can also promote the growth and development of the fetus to a certain extent. However, uncooked mung beans have a fishy smell, and pregnant women may cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms after eating them. Clinically, pregnant women are generally advised to avoid eating uncooked mung beans. If pregnant women are taking warming and tonic drugs, it is not advisable to eat mung beans at the same time , to avoid affecting the therapeutic effect of the drug.

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