Is epilepsy in children hereditary?

Epilepsy in children is hereditary. Patients should develop good lifestyle habits, lead a normal life and do some light physical work appropriately, but avoid overwork and stress. Pediatric epilepsy should be monitored and treated, because children with epilepsy will have a sudden onset of symptoms, so standardized symptomatic treatment should be given to stabilize the condition. Epilepsy in children is closeclosely related to genetic factors.

Can male epilepsy patients marry and have children?

Whether male epilepsy patients can marry and have children depends on the disease state, whether you receive a good treatment. Indeed, you can get married and have children at this time, but you must do a good job to prevent children from getting sick. You cannot have children during the onset of the disease. Great influence. If a woman can marryand having children after having epilepsy depends on the specific condition. Because the severity of the condition is different, the impact and damage to the patient are different, so it is impossible to generalize that it is possible to get married. and have children Good treatment effect, this time will generally not affect marriage and childbirth, but the disease is serious, always repeated attacks, may affect marriage and childbirth. Therefore, patients with epilepsy should not beneglected in peacetime. When the disease occurs, they should cooperate with doctors in time for treatment. Furthermore, epilepsy is a mental disorder that affects life, body and mind. This disease causes many patients to suffer from illness very late. They have low self-esteem, do not dare to interact with people too much, do not dare to participate in collective life, and even do not dare to marry and have children.

Medications to treat epilepsypsychiatry with traditional chinese medicine

During the seizure, the patient suddenly went into a coma, lost consciousness, looked up, foamed at the mouth, and made sounds like pigs. , cattle and sheep. , and then wake up at a different time, and wake up like an ordinary person. This is a very difficult disease to treat. If there is a problem with epilepsy, it can be mainly relieved by the method of anti-epileptic drugs, and it can be cured in twoto five years. Clinically, under the differentiation and treatment of the doctor's syndrome, traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions can be used reasonably for treatment, and traditional Chinese medicines such as platinum pills and Qingdai powder can also be used for convenient use.

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