What are the dangers of aborting a second child due to discomfort?

I have been pregnant with a second child for a while, but this pregnancy reaction is very strong, and I want to abort it. May I ask what harm the second child will be aborted due to discomfort?

If the second child is aborted due to discomfort, if the abortion operation is performed, if the aseptic operation is not strictly implemented during the operation, or the postoperative care is improper, it may lead to intrauterine infection and uterine Endometritis, salpingitis and other diseases, and some patients will have vaginitis, cervicitis and other diseases. Secondly, if a negative pressure aspirator is needed during the abortion operation, if the negative pressure aspirator is used improperly, it may lead to uterine perforation and massive bleeding. Some patients may also have intrauterine adhesions after abortion, which requires intrauterine adhesions separation.

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